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Indigenous Business

Did you know that Harlequin Business and Training Consultants can help you to start your business giving you the plan, the support and the peace of mind to succeed?

And did you know that we run workshops and provide business consultancy to Indigenous businesses as a preferred supplier for IBA (Indigenous Business Australia) anywhere in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

So no matter how remote your location, we'll be there to help you.
Regularly working with people of all ages and cultures,

Harlequin has a particular interest and history in working with Indigenous clients from all backgrounds and prides itself on having an empathetic and sensitive approach to client's needs.

Harlequin’s services are designed to be highly flexible and suit individual client needs.

We respect and understand cultural requirements and want to work alongside you to achieve your goals.

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Who are IBA?

IBA (Indigenous Business Australia) is an Australian Government Authority that works with Indigenous Australians to assist them to succeed in business.

IBA Enterprises assists eligible Indigenous Australians to establish, acquire and grow small to medium businesses, through business loans and business support services.

The business support services include business planning, business-related skills development and mentoring.

What do IBA offer?

Business support

You can apply to IBA for business support whether or not you have a loan from IBA.

You can get help to:

  • develop your business idea
  • plan your business
  • develop your marketing strategy and products
  • obtain training to manage and operate your business
  • grow your existing business.

Business loans

Based on an assessment of the commercial viability of your proposal, IBA may provide finance to assist with the:

  • acquisition
  • establishment, or
  • expansion of your business.

Do you qualify for IBA Enterprise assistance?


You may be eligible for IBA assistance if you:

  • are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individual, family, partnership, corporation or company
  • require assistance with your existing business or business idea
  • want to borrow money to establish, buy or expand a business
  • need support and planning to assist you to obtain IBA finance or a loan from a financial institution, or
  • meet the qualifying criteria.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Harlequin Business and Training Consultants today and find out how easy it is to realise your potential business, or get support with your current one.

For more information about IBA visit the IBA website.


Need sound business advice?

Get help from the experts.

Harlequin Business and Training Consultants can help you to get your business on the right track.

  • Business Start Up and Market Research

  • Product & Service Development

  • Business Mentoring/Coaching

  • Feasibility and Viability Studies

  • Financial Planning Services

  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation

Contact Harlequin today and
find out just how easy it is to
get help for your business.